Ruffhouse AKC Dachshund Puppies

Our AKC Dachshunds are carefully chosen from very responsible, and highly reputable dachshund breeders who genuinely love the breed.  Many of our dachshunds have championship bloodlines, but most importantly they have wonderful temperaments, and bold dachshund qualities true to the breed standard.  My prices range from $1500-$3000 depending on gender, coat color, length and pattern. Puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with Limited AKC papers (no breeding rights). Deposit is $200.  Puppies are all given a thorough exam by my Vet, and will receive 1st round of DHPP. They’re ready for homes around 8-9 weeks of age. Families receive a folder containing sales contract, AKC paperwork, vet record, and information on our daily routine, such as feeding schedule, dewormings, and future vaccine dates.  I do have adoption criteria and I ask a lot of questions in order to ensure my puppies go to the absolute best homes.

1)Must be at least 25 years of age, and willing to travel to pick up in person NW Houston area.

2)House with securely fenced yard, and Dachshund experience is preferred.

3)Most importantly, my puppies are raised in a very social environment so they adjust much better if there is another friendly dog in the house. I do not place my puppies in homes where they will be an only pet.

4)Must have the financial means to afford the lifelong care a Dachshund requires (spay/neuter, annual vaccines, heart worm prevention, dental cleanings, emergencies, etc.) **Overall, I’m looking for stable, established families who have the time to dedicate to a new puppy, and the commitment to providing a loving home through all the highs and lows!**

All of our dachshunds are treated like members of the family. They have been raised together in our home with an abundance of love, plenty of exercise and proper vet care.  When new litters arrive, they spend 4 weeks in our master bedroom where I can keep a close eye on them to ensure they are nursing and thriving.  It is also very important that mom is getting enough calories and drinking plenty of water. Around 5 weeks, I move them into a large penned area so I can gradually begin the weaning process, and they have much more room to move around and play.  During this time, they discover toys and learn how to puppy wrestle and they all receive loads of affection and interaction from everyone in our family.  They are also exposed to normal household sights and sounds to prepare them for their new homes.  Once old enough, they are introduced to our other dachshunds and older pups for plenty of socialization and playtime!  I work on potty pad training, in addition to following a schedule to get them familiar with going outside.  I truly love receiving updates from our dachshund puppy adopters, and look forward to having lifelong relationships with these families.