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Open environment where dogs move freely from the comforts of inside to the pleasures of outside. Unlimited playtime daily includes fetching, exploring, chasing, hunting and even digging! In the evenings, thoroughly exhausted dogs are tucked into their beds for a good night's sleep. $40/night; Discount rate for each additional dog $25.



Offered 7 days a week between the hours of 8 am -6 pm. $25 per day. If multiple days are booked and paid in advance, discounted rate of $20 per day applies.



Basic Obedience Training

My approach to dog training is to use positive reinforcement to reward the behaviors being taught. Positive reinforcement motivates your dog without causing stress, fear or confusion. Training is offered during daycare or while boarding. This includes: sit, down, stay and wait. Rate to be determined on a case by case basis.


A good old fashioned bath is more like it! In the midst of all the fun, dogs have a tendency to get a little dirty. Warm water, shampoo and towel dry. It's no frills, but your dog will be clean and ready for pick up.